Details for Power of 100 Women

POWER OF 100 WOMEN Split $21,300 between 2 charities Power of 100 Women Dickinson, a local charitable group, met on July 22nd to review four charities selected by their members to consider for the 14th quarterly donation. This is the first time Power of 100 Women will split the donations between two charities; each charity receiving $10,650. Power of 100 Women recently expanded the area for nominations for 501c3 charities, along with adding new members in the smaller communities, to a 50-mile radius of Dickinson. As a result of these changes, members voted to consider four charities at each general meeting. Members choose two of these charities to support each time and split their $100 donations between the two charities. The two charities voted for in July were Elder Care and Fishin For The Cure. Left to right: Erin Humphrey, Colleen Rodakowski, Irene Schafer, Gena Bowar, Deb Dragseth and Shirley Dukart Elder Care will use their donations to help provide support services to the elderly of our community. Elder Care offers nutrition services to the elderly population throughout the eight southwestern North Dakota counties. Irene Schafer, Shirley Dukart, Brandi Ollerman and Katie Schlosser Fishin For The Cure will use the donations received from Power of 100 Women to host fishing tournaments and family fun day to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. Funds raised also help fund some of the most leading edge, non-toxic research for childhood cancer. Women in Dickinson and the surrounding area that are interested in being a part of Power of 100 Women can contact Shirley Dukart at Home and Land Company or Irene Schafer at the Pennysaver for additional information and membership application. The next scheduled meeting for Power of 100 Women is on Monday, October 28th at the Eagles Club in Dickinson.

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