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Should I repaIr my roof before SellIng my home? Deciding which parts of your home you should repair before putting your house on the market can be difficult. Which repairs are necessary? Which will help attract buyers? One of the most important elements of your house that buyers will be sure to examine carefully is the roof. WHY IS MY ROOF SO IMPORTANT? The short answer? Heat and water. As we all learned in school, hot air rises and cool air falls. When heating a home in the winter, homeowners want to retain as much warmth as possible. If your roof isn’t properly insulated, you’ll lose a lot of heat. Your roof is also important for keeping ice and water out of your home. Even the smallest amount of water entering your roof can lead to rotting wood and the spread of mold. WHAT ROOF REPAIRS ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY? Of course, determining which roof repairs are absolutely necessary will depend on how motivated you are as a seller and what price you’re expecting to get for your house. If you’re hoping to make more money than you invested, fully repairing your roof is a great way to ensure that you’ll make a profit. Any structural issues, or those involving insulation or water, might require an entirely new roof. While very expensive, the new roof will pay for itself when it comes time to negotiate a price. The easiest way to tell if you need to replace your roof is to consult a contractor or real estate expert who has the experience and know-how to determine the value of this type of investment in the current market. MY APPLIANCES AREN’T THE ONLY ENERGY STARS IN MY HOUSE. SINCE 1973 Roof Truss Systems Floor Truss Systems Micro Lam & I-joist Stamped Engineered Drawings ▲ Laminated Columns ▲ Simpson Hardware ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ 2713 Twin City Drive / Mandan, ND 58554, USA MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 2282 / Bismarck, ND 58502, USA 701.663.2331 / Toll Free: 800.361.9191 / Fax: 701.663.4929 / I’m saving just by using more efficient setting on my ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances. What can you do? Find out how the little changes add up at Hazen, ND • Dickinson, ND 800.627.8470

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