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Safety tipS for driving with a trailer If you are planning to hit the open road this summer, buying or renting a trailer is a good way to ensure you’ll have enough space for all your stuff! Driving with a trailer can be dangerous. Here are some safety tips: • Check your manual to ensure that your car has sufficient towing capacity to handle the weight of the trailer and its contents. • Practice driving with the trailer before you leave on your trip. It’s harder than you think. • Inspect the trailer to make sure it is properly attached. Check for safety chains, lights and license plate. • Take it slow on the highway. • If the trailer starts to sway, don’t brake or speed up. Instead, ease off the gas and reduce speed. travelSafelythiSSummer! Because We Know You Take Pride In How Your Car Looks. ...And Your Truck We Do Interior Corrosion Resistant Coating In Any Tank Our Extra Long Paint Booth Is Ready For Extra Long Jobs. ...And Your Boat ...And All Your Vehicles We Have A Mobile Unit For Sandblasting And Painting. WILL TRAVEL! Spray Foam Insulation For All Types Of Buildings Or Structures. Applied To Steel, Wood Or Any Surface Large Or Small. Highest R Value Per Inch, Seals Structures Air Tight. Call For Pricing. • Complete auto body repair & refinishing • Chemical resistant coating for tank interiors • Spray foam insulation for all types of buildings • Mobile or in shop sandblasting • Repairs on heavy duty semi trucks Old Reiter Welding Bldg. North Highway 22 483-6778

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