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Let’s Protect Social Security and Medicare for You and Future Generations Here is the uncomfortable truth that most politicians won’t talk about. Medicare will be insolvent by 2026 and Social Security by 2034. The longer we wait to fix the problem, the more difficult and painful it will be. We should be having bipartisan discussions about solutions now before it’s too late. If we don’t, these essential programs will face mandated cuts in the range of 20%. Unfortunately, Democrats do not want to talk about this problem. They only want to weaponize the issue for political gain. Any solution must not cut benefits for people currently receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits or for anyone over the age of 55. This point is non-negotiable with me. So, what can we do to keep Social Security and Medicare viable for generations to come? Here are a few ideas: • We can restore the $800 billion Democrats took from Medicare to help pay for Obamacare. • We can raise the $128,400 wage cap on Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes and index future cap increases to inflation. • We can make incremental changes in the eligibility age for new enrollees starting in 2028. • We can use means testing to ask wealthy retirees to pay a little more for their benefits. • We can give Medicare the ability to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower drugs prices. • We can support economic growth and job creation policies to increase the number of people paying into the system. Of course, these suggestions are only a few of the possible solutions we could explore, but we must begin that conversation now to keep Social Security and Medicare viable for current recipients and for future generations. Any discussion about preserving Medicare must also include repealing Obamacare. Clearly, Obamacare has been a disaster and its negative impact on premiums and care has been felt by young and old alike. For example, Obamacare requires older people carry and pay for maternity care. I have and will continue to vote to repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that gives states more local control, more ability to innovate, more money and a guarantee of coverage for pre-existing conditions. In doing so, we can create a healthcare system that reduces costs and works for all Americans. There is no easy answer to fixing Social Security and Medicare, but, if we start now, we can make small changes that will yield big results for current recipients and especially for future generations. Doing nothing is not a strategy. Criticizing those who suggest solutions, like the Democrats are doing now, does not help either. It’s not lost on me that this is a difficult conversation and we must approach the discussion with a keen understanding of the very real impacts on the lives of seniors and those near retirement. For many like my mom, their Social Security check is what pays the bills and buys the groceries. It is Medicare that provides her the healthcare she needs to maintain her quality of life. I pledge to you that I will fight to protect current Social Security and Medicare recipients and anyone over the age of 55 from proposed changes. And I am committed to working with my Washington colleagues, both in the House and the Senate and on both sides of the political aisle, to find the right path to preserve these important programs for the generations that follow them. – 2018 MEDICARE ADVANTAGE CHAMPION – Paid for by Cramer for Senate

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