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ABBREVIATED NOTICE OF INTENT TO ENACT AND AMEND ADMINISTRATIVE RULES relating to the Practice of Physician’s Assistants, Special License Requirements, Interstate Medical Licensing Compact, and Moving Regulation of Fluoroscopy Technologists to the Medical Imaging Board. North Dakota Board of Medicine will hold a public hearing to address proposed amendment of an existing administrative rule and the enactment of new administrative rules. Board Ofce 418 E. Broadway Ave. Suite 12 Bismarck, ND Monday, Sept. 30, 2019 9:00 a.m. The proposed rules may be reviewed at the ofce of the North Dakota Board of Medicine, 418 East Broadway Ave., Suite 12, Bismarck, ND. A copy of the rules and/or regulatory analysis may be requested by writing the above address or calling (701)328-6500. A copy of the proposed rules will be posted on the board’s website at Written or oral comments about the proposed rules sent to the above address, called in to the telephone number listed above, or emailed to bstorbakken@ with the subject line “Rules comments”, and received by October 11, 2019, will be fully considered. If you plan to attend the public hearing and will need special facilities or assistance relating to a disability, please contact the board at the above telephone number or address at least ve days prior to the public hearing. Dated this 27th day of August, 2019. Bonnie Storbakken Executive Secretary North Dakota Board of Medicine 9/6 - 20982597

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