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Journey through Memory Care FIVE PART EDUCATIONAL What Happens After a Dementia Diagnosis? If your loved one has just been diagnosed with dementia, you may have seen it coming for a while and had time to research what’s next. Many people, however, have no idea about their loved one’s memory loss, and a diagnosis like Alzheimer’s disease can come as a shock. It’s important to look into your next steps, to understand what to expect and how you, and experts like the staff at Edgewood Memory Care in Mandan, can help. Here are some ideas of what is to come after an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis: Talking about dementia Dementia doesn’t only affect the person who has been diagnosed with the condition, his or her family and friends must also come to terms with this difficult diagnosis. The person you care about is going to need help and support for the rest of his or her life. To manage that, while staying in good physical and mental health yourself, can be a daunting task. Talking about the diagnosis with a professional or with others going through a similar experience can help you understand exactly what is going on and learn some of what to expect as your loved one’s memory loss advances. It’s overwhelming when you’re suddenly responsible for someone else’s entire world: finances, house, chores and even basic daily needs; caring for a loved one can be demanding and it changes the lives of everyone involved. Your relationship shifts from one of husband/wife, mother/daughter, father/son, aunt/ nephew, grandparent/grandchild to caregiver and patient; this transition can create tension and stress in even the most solid and close-knit families. SERIES manage all the changes and obstacles that come with this disease. Edgewood understands that the average person isn’t well versed in dementia or caring for someone with dementia, until they’re faced with the challenge. However, the Edgewood Memory Care team is well-trained and educated on the topic. All staff complete an intensive orientation program over the course of their first 60 days and continued, on-going training and routine check-ins, to ensure they’re retaining and utilizing their specialized training. The Edgewood team is excited to now offer a modified version of their training program to area family caregivers, free of charge, in an educational series known as “Journey Through Memory Care”. This five-part series explores the changes and challenges associated with dementia and provides support, guidance, tips and proven practices and techniques to help family caregivers succeed throughout their journey. When you think of dementia, what do you think of? When most people hear dementia or Alzheimer’s they automatically think memory loss. Although memory loss is the most widely recognized symptom, and often the first noticeable one, it is just one part of many cognitive and physical changes that occur. Series One: “Exploring Alzheimer’s” Join the Edgewood Mandan team Thursday, July 11 at 1 - 2:30pm AND 6 - 7:30pm : for part one of their five-part series: Exploring Alzheimer’s. Receive an overview of dementia and learn the major physical and overall thought process changes associated. Explore the disease process, the different types of dementia, the early signs and symptoms and common myths and facts about the disease. Learning about dementia Like most family caregivers, you probably didn’t plan to be in this role or fully prepare for everything it would entail. When your loved one started to show signs of memory loss you just jumped right in. Studies show that the majority of family caregivers caring for senior loved ones have no formal medical training or education. Family caregivers of those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia are even less prepared to Edgewood Mandan Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care 701.663.5664 | 2801 39th Ave SE, Mandan

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