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Miracle-Ear Your trustEd hEaring aid providEr Hearing sounds, hearing others’ thoughts and ideas, and communicating with others is something many take for granted. However, more and more Americans struggle with hearing loss today. The simple solution of adding a hearing aid could support most hearing loss. Ongoing advances in digital hearing and technology means a solution is available to accommodate most preferences or lifestyles as well. Whether seeking discreet options or looking for compatibility with phones, Bluetooth devices or music apps, or even when seeking a durable solution; help is a phone call away. At Bismarck Miracle-Ear, owner Jason Shillingstad said, “Finding solutions and helping people is so enjoyable! Nothing compares to placing hearing aids for the first time and watching a person discover sounds they’d either forgotten or never heard before.” He said, “People don’t even realize what sounds they are missing out on, since the loss is often so gradual”. “They come back for check-ups and describe what they now can hear, or tell us they were unaware a sound was attached to something,” he said. “There are so many folks who share their life experiences with us and find joy in sharing both their past and their present — to include personal life stories of yesterday as well as how deeply their life has been impacted by hearing new sounds.” When meeting with a potential client, he probes them to share their hearing history, specifically focusing on items that may have affected hearing throughout their lifetime. He asks whether they grew up in a noisy environment, such as farming, or did they hear noisy equipment as a result of where their home was located? What were some of their early hearing experiences in early life? Shillingstad joined Miracle-Ear in 1999, 20 years ago. In addition to the Bismarck office, he owns stores in Fargo, Minot, Grand Forks, Williston, and Dickinson as well as service centers in both Hazen, Wishek and Devil’s Lake. When space became an issue, he elected to move his office out of Sears to the Tyler Parkway location (2010). Clients can park and come directly into his office without walking through another store. At the same time, he grew his office staff. He, Amanda Plank and Cheryl Engh are all North Dakota board certified hearing instrument specialists; the office staff consits of Carole Treiber and Bobbie Frieze, manager. With more staff on hand, they are very flexible and accommodating of their client’s needs — and are often able to see a client the same day. They find they can always make schedule changes work. In addition to Shillingstad’s growing office staff and space, hearing aids morphed from clunky ear pieces to customized digital options; they are now much more advanced and more capable. “When I began, we were only able to adjust volume for clients,” he said. “While the same components exist (microphone, amplifier, and speaker), today, everything is digitally based. Options include different styles, different capabilities such as Bluetooth, or mobile phone compatibility. We are able to address wind noise reduction, directional microphone options, remote controls as well as utilizing phone apps to control their hearing aids.” Providing a most-recognized hearing aid brand, coupled with a passion to provide people with the ability to hear and understand speech better — as well as restore connections to family and friends — has been exceptionally rewarding to Miracle-Ear staff. “At Miracle-Ear, we strive to provide an outstanding customer  Owner: Jason Shillingstad  2331 Tyler Pkwy Ste 1 Bismarck, ND 58503  701-222-2484  (Mon-Fri) 9 AM - 5 PM (Sat) 9 AM - 1 PM  experience. We take pride in the fact that our practice is focused on testing hearing and if applicable, fitting hearing aids,” Shillingstad said. “The secret of being ‘best of the best’ is easy: you find your passion and cultivate it!” “We are very passionate about what we do. At MiracleEar, we pride ourselves in helping people hear better. We strive to have the latest in technology, provide optimal customer care, business hours that are suitable for today’s busy lifestyles, and devices at the lowest prices anywhere!” Jason, Amanda, Cheryl, and Bobbie would like their current clients and potential clients to know that Miracle-Ear is a locally owned and has been a part of the community for over 20 years. They are here to help you hear!

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