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What do you pictu“hreomwe?hen” you hear the word Dean has lived on his family farm for 76 years. Before that his father and grandfather both lived and farmed there. When you ask Dean about “home” he can tell you every detail about the land and crops, how many times he’s fixed the barn and where all the creeks are in his old farmhouse. It’s been said, the concept of home isn’t a place as much as it’s a feeling. Most would agree that it’s the people and connections you have with them that make you feel “at home”, not necessarily the physical structure. move off the farm “If you were to ask Dean about when he’s finally going to you’d receive a much vaguer response, because he doesn’t want to think about that day. He also doesn’t want to think about after the knee replacement surgery he’s been putting off.” how he’s going to manage recovery CaringEdge is excited to now offer Home Health services, no matter where you call home: your private Bismarck/Mandanarea residence OR an Edgewood senior living apartment. We are passionately committed to making a difference in people’s lives while promoting health, independence, and whenever possible, significant improvement. We believe that each individual’s health, both physical and mental, is paramount to their success in life. Home health services can provide skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, medical social worker services and counseling with a registered dietitian. Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Outpatient Therapy, Home Health & Hospice 3 Bismarck/Mandan Locations | Health services provided by CaringEdge division

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