STANDING ROCK HOUSING AUTHORITY 1333 92nd Street, P.O. Box 769 Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538 Telephone: (701) 854-3891 Toll Free: 1-800-262-3891 Fax: (701) 854-3855 THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE STANDING ROCK NATION OF FORT YATES, NORTH DAKOTA REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) ATTORNEY SERVICES. Sealed proposals due: Friday, March 31st, 2017 The Housing Authority of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of Fort Yates, North Dakota is soliciting sealed proposals for providing legal services. The Standing Rock Housing Authority (SRHA) is seeking proposals for legal services; applicant must be in good standing and licensed to practice law in the State of North Dakota, and the Standing Rock Nation Tribal Court (upon proposal award selected must obtain a Tribal business license to represent). Applicants must have three or more years of substantive legal experience in HUD and NAHASDA regulations, as well as Tribal and Indian Law. Prior experience working for or with an Indian tribal governments and tribal entities is desired. The attorney will be supervised by the Executive Director and Board of Commissioners. This contract will be negotiable at the time of award, but will not exceed 75% for one (1) year as an in-house legal counsel and, not an hourly employee. BACKGROUND The Standing Rock Housing Authority is the tribally designated housing entity of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation, located I North Dakota. Located in south central North Dakota and north central South Dakota. The Tribe has an enrollment membership of more than 8,500 individuals and a land base of 3,571.9 square miles of land in federal trust. SCOPE OF WORK The SRHA seeks legal assistance in the following areas: 1) The review and suggested revisions of existing Policies and Procedures; 2) Legal advice regarding the compliance with HUD and NAHASDA guidelines; 3) Legal advice relating to Procurement, Human Resources, and Contracts Management; 4) Legal advice relating to other Funding opportunities; 5) Negotiating and drafting contracts and other SRHA documents; 6) Representing the SRHA in court proceedings; 7) Legal advice relating to land issues, conveyances, property titles, and relating to all other legal issues requested by the Executive Director. SUBMITTAL FORMAT AND CONTENT All Applicants are required to follow the format specified below. Applicants shall base their submittals on the “Scope of Work.” I. Cover Page. The Proposal shall include the Request for Proposal Title, submittal due date, and name, address, fax number, and telephone number. II. Resume. Qualifications and Experience. This section will contain a description of Applicants educational background, training, and experience in Tribal and Indian Law and professional work with Indian tribes. A. Applicant (and/or Applicants’ Team). Applicant will provide a list of individuals who would be assigned to this project and identify their roles and responsibilities and professional qualifications, experience and any other information pertaining to their ability to perform the duties. B. Past Experiences. Applicant will discuss a list of at least two (2) representative projects, which are similar in scope and nature to the services requested by SRHA. For each past project discussed, the Applicant shall specify the services contracted for, the start and completion dates, and the name, address and telephone number of a contact person. C. North Dakota Bar Admission. Applicant must be in good standing and licensed to practice law in the State of North Dakota. Conflict of Interest. The respondent must disclose any potential conflicts of interest which might arise if they were to accept an award of contract with SRHA. GENERAL CONDITIONS I. Choice of Law. The contract regarding these services will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the State of North Dakota. II. Non-Binding. SRHA retains the right to reject all submittals. Selection is also dependent on the negotiation of a mutually acceptable contract between the Applicant and the SRHA. III. Proprietary Information. Any restrictions on the use and ownership of the information contained within the Applicant’s response to this Request for Proposal must be clearly stated within the response. All other material contained in the proposal shall become property of the SRHA. SUBMITTAL SCHEDULE & PROCESS The evaluation of submittals will follow the following schedule. Dates shown are subject to change. Distribution/Advertisement: March 1, 2017-March 31, 2017. Submittal Deadline: March 31, 2017 at 1 p.m. (No Exceptions) The original of the submittal must state Sealed Bid and received no later than 4 p.m. on March 31st, 2017 to Janet Frazier, SRHA Procurement Officer, P.O. Box 1333 92nd Street, P. O. Box 769, Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538 Phone: (701) 854-3891/7549. SUBMITTAL EVALUATION CRITERIA Representatives of the SRHA will review the response to this RFP which meet the outlined requirements and are received before the designated closing date and time. Conformance to the specified RFP format & Organization and Presentation of the Content Education, experience, and technical competence in the following: EVALUATION FACTORS SCORE 1) HUD Guidelines, NAHASDA Guidelines, 24 CFR and other federal Housing laws. 5 2) The type of services being requested in this RFP; 65 3) Record of performance, including reference checks And the strength of credentials: 20 4) Knowledge and understanding of federal Indian law; 5 5) Competitive salary range based on experience and Credentials; 5 6) Indian Preference. ___ Indian Preference. In accordance with the SRHA Procurement Policy and Section 7(b) of the Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 USC 250 (b)), SRHA shall give preference when awarding contracts in the following order: A. Certified Community-owned businesses; B. Certified Community Member-owned business or individual Community Members; C. Other certified native American-owned businesses or individual Native Americans and Preference in the award of contracts shall be given to qualified Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises as defined in Section 3 of the Indian Financial Act of 1974 (25 USC 1452). QUESTIONS All Inquiries should be directed to: Janet Frazier, SRHA Procurement Officer at (701) 854-3891/7549 or