In Williston, we have one message that we hope everyone knows: Williston has turned into a great community!

We still have incredible jobs. We have new schools. We're adding quality of life assets. We hold the results of years of work.

And young families are choosing Williston. It's not only a place for young men. The city ranks in the top places for homebuying by young adults while birth numbers are staggering for our town, numbering less than 13,000 in 2000: 804 in 2014, 882 in 2015 and 843 in 2016.

We love to tell people about the great things we have done to improve and those numbers show that we truly are as good as we proclaim.

Understand, too, that these improvements were not caused by the downturn. Though it may have relieved some pressure, committed leaders and community members bettered our city with retail options, schools, activities, homes and infrastructure with a decade of dedication and work.

The Bakken launched little more than a decade ago and we are ready for the next decade. We will add thousands of permanent jobs and will become an ever-greater destination to visit, move to and call home.

If you need a change in location or career, please join us in Williston. If not, please cheer for our community and our future.

Ken Callahan, Williston