We have been hearing a lot about alternative lifestyles: gay and lesbianism, transvestitism, transgenderism, etc. Apparently the Barack Obama administration provided a healthy environment for calling attention to these terms, so much so that these terms have become part of everyday lifestyle. How sad!

Probably the saddest of all, some mainstream churches, while they may not accept these lifestyles, don’t reject them either. This country is headed down the road of destruction and will destroy itself from within. Such is what led to the collapse of the mighty Roman Empire.

The infallible, inerrant word of God, the Bible, says in Genesis: “In the beginning God created Adam and Eve.” Not Adam and Steve. It also says repeatedly, “He created them male and female.” Anything else is nothing more than a state of man's sinful mind. That should be  end of discussion.

How do we as a nation deal with this? We start with our taxpayer-funded public education system, kindergarten through college. Not one red cent should be appropriated for education at any level until those Marxist-indoctrinated teachers are expelled from the system and replaced with good ones. We need to get the Marxist-oriented National Education Association out of education and get education out of the NEA. They are the biggest proponents of these alternate lifestyles, especially our colleges.

It starts with we the people, particularly the parents. We have a government for the people by the people. Any reform in the system will only come from the ground up. It means getting involved in our local school systems and in all levels of government. It is our responsibility. We can and will make a difference.

Ralph Muecke, Gladstone