The U.S. Postal Service is going to increase the cost of a stamp. It seems they are on schedule to lose $6,000,000,000 … mere pennies to my government!

In business one must make sure revenue covers cost and that must be what the USPS is attempting to do. In business one must always do more with the same or less. If you have ever been involved in the budgeting in a business that approach is often the center of the budgeting process … do more with less.

Spin it anyway you want but the USPS continues to operate as a government agency.

USPS, take a look at the expense side of your operation. Who in the United States is dependent upon the USPS when it comes to payment of bills? Operation of a business? What in today’s world depends upon an envelope appearing in the mail box? Have we not arrived at the time period delivery could be reduced to two or three times a week? I know of no one that requires daily delivery yet the USPS continues this 1950s practice in 2017.

Yup, they are on schedule to lose $6,000,000,000 and, in typical government form, refuse to review how they function! This is so our government ... unfortunately.

Ron Carlson, Bismarck