Concerning a letter on Sept. 22 entitled, "President wrong on many issues." I've never in my life seen such convoluted thinking, and misstating of the facts, as this person portrays them.

She thinks hurricanes jump-start the economy, what? These hurricanes have cost the U.S. taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars, not to mention the cost to private homeowners, in the billions also. Then some businesses were destroyed so there is no place to go to work in some cases. If people were being honest, both the stock market, plus 22 percent, and employment, have gone up to record highs, just in the nine months or so that President Donald Trump has been in office.

Under President Barack Obama, we had record numbers of people out of the workforce, 8 million more people on food stamps and welfare benefits, since he took office. Also a real bad economy, with businesses leaving the country at record rates, wages going down, etc. We have the highest tax rate on businesses in the entire world; it's hard for them to compete with other countries making products. Why wouldn't we want to give them a tax break so they can get more business and create more jobs? Besides, who do you think pays those high taxes businesses have to pay? Don't you know, they have to add that cost to the price of the products we buy from them?

She, like the rest of us, has no idea if anyone is going to lose their health insurance. The worst lie of all is that Trump is pushing us toward war. Wrong, rather, it's the leader of North Korea, pushing us toward actions we don't want to take. Wake up please.

William Knox,  Washburn