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It takes a few inconveniences to maintain freedom. To be civil you must respect others and their ways. To be totally free comes with a price and it being the oppression of others which makes you a target of sorts and by default you fall short of complete and total freedom. So, is total freedom impossible? I think yes.

The type of freedom our ancestors fought and died for was enjoyed by millions and made the USA the envy of the world. People died trying to get here so they could enjoy our way of life.

Many of the young now prefer a type of socialism over freedom, making our version of freedom less free. They want the Constitution to become a document of history in favor of a very select few making the decisions.

The increased interaction of social media has caused people to pretend they are what they are not. It somehow is no longer wrong to tell untruths about anything or anyone. We have accepted these lies as credible way of communicating, even giving it its own name, “fake news.”

Anyone with the ability to copy and paste is now, wise, experienced and an expert on all subjects. Some social media even made it so they don’t even have to do that, just push “share.”

Technology is pretty much nothing without electricity, which is predominately made from coal and petroleum. Two more things our younger generations want to rid the world of. Our ancestors lived just fine without electricity ... oh wait, that would be history, something our young refuse to use as a knowledge base.

The young don’t have enough experience to know how their lives will change should they get their way. That’s why we are supposed to be running our country and not them.

Jim Braun, Belfield