On Nov. 8, Americans voted Donald Trump into office after nearly a decade of Washington-driven policies that smothered the economy, killed small business, and stagnated the middle class.

Trump has already begun to fulfill his promises. His administration immediately slashed unnecessary rules and regulations and is now pushing to relieve the crushing and dizzying federal tax structure.

North Dakota's economy needs the relief. In our current economic climate, our farms and businesses need to retain capital to improve balance sheets and expand, rather than complying with endless paperwork and costly regulation.

The current climate in the oil industry makes for a lot of unknowns ... We have experienced an increase in activity, however, oil prices do not really support why we seeing the increase. As a small business owner in the industry, we are trying to meet the demand, this requires investing capital in equipment and personnel. We have around 90 employees and need another 30-35, it has become the struggle to stay competitive with wages without increasing our rate to our customers when they are not getting relief from better commodity prices ... In short, any relief from costly regulation and the tax side is highly advantageous.

Washington has one hand out for money and the other holding a hammer.

North Dakota's workers, small businesses, and farms need a break from Washington. Our federal delegation must support Trump's efforts, especially Heidi Heitkamp who already voted against Trump's reforms to improve our energy industry this year.

Trump is keeping his campaign promises, it's nice to have a president that makes decisions based on what is right and not what might be popular/vogue at the time, the right thing to do and the easy thing are rarely the same, proud of president for making the hard choices. May God bless him and direct him as he leads our great country.

Jarod Seifert, Minot