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I am writing in regard to the medicinal marijuana quagmire. Currently, our elected officials maintain that medicinal herbs are a danger to society. Therefore, they should remain a schedule 1 drug. I’m not going to waste my time quoting medical professionals on the benefits of medicinal herbs. The facts speak for themselves. Instead, I would like to focus on the real reason why medicinal herbs are classified as a schedule 1 drug.

As a conservative, I once supported the anti-herbal ideology, but no more. I understand that most people opposed to the medicinal value of herbs are of an older generation that was once inundated with anti-medicinal herbal government propaganda. I had to laugh at the 1936 film entitled “Reefer Madness!” In it, young teens are depicted as smoking herbs, losing their minds, then jumping out of windows. Unfortunately, we are now a society addicted to pills because people bought this lie.

We now know why those in power continue to demonize medicinal herbs. According to, between 2017 and 2018, pharmaceutical companies contributed a combined $6,640,500 to both Republican and Democrat elected officials. Why do you think that these elected officials accept money from companies that are directly responsible for 50,000 annual opioid deaths? Opioid addiction is a very lucrative business for pharmaceutical companies as well as for those receiving kickbacks from them. Medicinal herbs aren’t addictive and this is why they are illegal.

Did you know that Tylenol is more dangerous than medical marijuana? Tylenol can cause liver damage, rashes, stomach pain and nausea. But pill companies won’t tell you this. Instead, they’ll offer you a different pill to offset the adverse reactions of the pill you just took.

Get off pills. Live healthy.

Dan Pind, Hillsboro