Free health care for all! Paid for by our federal government. This should be the “right” of every American, says Bernie Sanders. How can we resist this seductive song? Free, as in we don’t pay — someone else pays — and we all know how costly health care has become since the Affordable Care Act has taken hold.

As Sanders tells it, we will get the insurance companies out of our health care; it will become a single-payer system as done by the federal government. The savings will be "yuge!"

I recall the Democrat-controlled Congress and President Barack Obama promising affordable health care and the control of costs — even reductions in cost — what a glorious future for all. Then we learned about how the “free” part was to be achieved. Free for some paid for by our own dime in ways we never dreamed.

Now comes HIT: Health Insurance Tax, It is a tax on the health insurance companies which, we are led to believe, pay the cost of care. This make-believe scam says the tax is paid by — not you, not me— “they.” It’s a HIT!

Last year Congress passed up the chance to put HIT into effect; this year it is up for a vote again. Now the ACA is in big financial trouble, and the reductions in cost are not there, and the insurance providers are losing money, and they are getting out of the business, and some people have lost faith in the promise of free, and the U.S. treasury is $20 trillion in the red. It‘s time for HIT.

Some people in Congress are saying enough already, but not Sanders. Free health care for all Americans is Sanders' cry, as the socialist anthem “The Internationale” rises in the background.

Hal Neff, Bismarck