Now that we have had two major hurricanes it seems jump-starting the economy has already been accomplished. Already we have unemployment at record lows and a stock market at record highs, yet the president says we have to give a tax break to the top 1 percent so that it will trickle down to the rest of us and create jobs.

Never mind that the jobs do not pay a living wage and never mind that he is taking health insurance away from 26 million Americans. Then on top of that he has decided to make all the "Dreamers" subject to deportation. Who does he think is going to rebuild Texas and Florida? They work, pay taxes and provide a reliable workforce that we need to keep our economy strong.

People are in desperate conditions from the hurricanes and the sooner we can rebuild the better and these young people are the ones who can help us do that as quickly as possible.

Then on top of all the ugly names and lies he has pushed for the last two years he stands in front of the American flag and talks about 9/11. How many "Dreamers" were killed in that attack? How many visa waiver workers? How many Muslims were killed? How many blacks? How do the families feel when they have to listen to him spout his lies about Muslims dancing in the streets in New Jersey after the attack? When he calls Mexicans rapists and criminals? 

When people are dying without water and air conditioning and power and he threatens to shut the government down if we don't build a wall with our finite resources facing one of our country's worst natural disasters? Not to mention acting like a bully on the playground pushing us toward nuclear war! Putting America first? Making us great? Not hardly!

Claudia Volk, Wilton