In defense of North Korea comes much of America. The liberals, the self-riotous, the haters of anything Republican, etc. These people obviously have not heard of the extreme oppression of North Korea’s citizens and the cruel treatment of anyone who speaks against the “Royal Family.”

The previous administration never took a stand on the side of good. They always took the middle road until they were pushed and then they sent pallets of cash to the evil regime not realizing they were not only validating evil but financially promoting it. They put evil back in the battlefield not knowing or caring that our own sons and daughters would pay the price with their lives. None of these actions was on the side of civility.

The definition of good and evil seems to change for some people depending upon their current feelings. I have to conclude that this type of citizen has not been taught how to read and understand simple print that defines each word such as Merriam and Webster have written.

Lawyers create alternative meaning for words to create doubt in the jury’s mind. It’s how they can gain the guilty their freedom. Lawyers have been running this country for so long that they have much of the population believing nothing is absolute.

Look up the definition of evil and read the words. Put simple meaning to the words defining it. Know then that evil is bad and must be removed before we can maintain peace.

North Korea’s leaders are pure evil. Anyone unchallenged for a period of time will eventually conclude they are never wrong. Even the most outrageous thought they possess will become fact in their mind. There are many people suffering in North Korea, don’t defend their leadership or you become their accomplice.

Jim Braun, Belfield