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During the health care debate, Rep. Kevin Cramer alleged that people with pre-existing conditions are "gaming the system."

Seriously? How cruel can one be?

As a neonatal intensive care nurse of 15 years, the majority of my tiny patients have pre-existing conditions simply because they were born too early. How could Cramer possibly think that these fragile infants or those with asthma, diabetes or cancer are trying to "game the system" by simply wanting affordable health care?

Nobody should be punished for being born or diagnosed with a condition at no fault of their own. Nor should any American be forced to file for bankruptcy simply because their medical bills are too expensive.

That's not the North Dakota I know.

Cramer's radical health care agenda would devastate the nearly 300,000 North Dakotans who have pre-existing conditions — making health insurance either completely out of reach or simply a bank breaker for North Dakotans.

We need a U.S. senator who'll stand up for all of us — not somebody who puts partisan politics ahead of common-sense policy.

Jackee Haak, Fargo