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It’s time to

retire Cramer

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., announced he’s running for the Senate, which left us thinking – why should we give him a promotion?

Cramer’s record in Congress has been dismal.

So why is he trying to jump jobs when he can’t even do the one he has?

Just last month, he said it was best for North Dakota if he stayed in the House.

He said he couldn’t be an effective congressman if he had to run a Senate campaign.

And he said he couldn’t work on things like the farm bill if he had to be on the campaign trail.

He voted for huge, permanent tax breaks for the rich but temporary, small tax breaks for everyone else.

But now, it looks like Cramer wants to be a puppet for Senate political boss Mitch McConnell rather than an advocate for North Dakota’s priorities.

Cramer says he prayed about the Senate race. We assume he also prayed when he decided to run for the House seat again. What changed? Maybe it wasn’t the voice of the good Lord that he heard but the voice of a “big oil” baron promising to fund his campaign.

Let’s help Cramer retire from public office – not give him a promotion – this November.

Dan Rice and Amy Phillips, Fargo