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In the upcoming Senate race, I’m going to be one of the many health care voters in North Dakota. Years of my family dealing with broken health care bureaucracy and navigating shoddy insurance rules has me certain that profound change is needed. Health care is broken.

This is one of many reasons I’m voting for Heidi Heitkamp; she gets it and she knows how to fix it.

Heitkamp has always put North Dakota first on this issue — she knows that the health care reform law isn’t perfect, so she rolled up her sleeves and worked with people from both parties to fix it.

Heitkamp led the charge to protect nearly 200,000 North Dakota workers and more than 70,000 small businesses from the Health Insurance Tax — keeping costs down so we can access quality, affordable care.

But she also stood up for us when we needed her to fight back against partisan attempts undermine some of the important protections in the health care reform law.

I’m thankful for Heitkamp because if it weren’t for her, North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions would be paying much more for their health care. Some might not even be able to get health insurance at all.

Nobody should be left without health insurance just because they have a condition like asthma, diabetes, cancer or a birth defect.

As a survivor of breast cancer, Heitkamp gets it.

In North Dakota, we come together to find common-sense solutions — but we also lend a helping hand to people who need it.

That’s why as a health care voter, I’m supporting Heitkamp — because she puts people ahead of partisan politics.

Andrea Olson, West Fargo