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It didn’t take long for Heidi Heitkamp’s vicious attack machine to start churning out nasty letters to state newspapers. One such letter urging Rep. Kevin Cramer to retire comes from an apparent Minnesota author. Dan Rice needs to understand that we’ll make our own election decisions here in North Dakota; and yes, Mr. Rice, we will look at voting records, and appreciate the suggestion!

Cramer opposed sanctuary cities, Heitkamp supported them. Her support protects violent illegal immigrant criminals from the law; does that wash with North Dakota values? Cramer supported repealing and replacing Obamacare. Heitkamp didn’t. In fact, her Senate vote stopped the repeal dead in its tracks. Cramer supported tax cuts, Heitkamp didn’t. I’m thinking she’s regretting that decision now and as the owner of a small ma and pa business I am among those benefiting from the "tax cuts for the rich," though I'd hardly define myself as "the rich."

These cuts make it possible for me to better provide for my wife and three children and to save for their future. The tax cuts have proven very popular and growing more so every day as companies give raises and bonuses out of dollars saved as a result.

Her voting record vividly demonstrates how out of touch she is with North Dakota and she’s the one who needs to retire. North Dakota needs a senator that holds tightly to what we believe here in our state. We need a senator that honors family values and the dignity of human life, not a senator that celebrates efforts to stop late-term abortions.

Kevin Cramer is in the right place at the right time. He is a true North Dakotan and remains deeply connected to the majority views of the great people of our state.

John Trandem, Reiles Acres