I am disappointed by Sen. Heidi Heitkamp's decision to vote against historic tax relief legislation, and yet again ignore the best interests of North Dakotans.

How can she come back to North Dakota and proclaim to have our best interests in mind, only to proudly stand next to her Democratic colleagues in Washington and cast obstructive votes? At what point will Heitkamp stop talking about working on the issues most important to North Dakotans, and actually achieve the results we need?

This tax relief legislation will have a positive impact on our state. On average, our middle-class families will see a $2,300 cost savings and an added average of about $4,000 in extra income to help them cover their day-to-day expenses. That equates to nearly four months of mortgage payments, eight months of car payments or four months of groceries. We won't forget that when Heitkamp had the chance, she failed to deliver.

Dawson Schefter, Fargo

Dawson Schefter is a Fargo resident and serves as the chairman of the North Dakota Young Republicans.