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I read with dismay the feeble explanations regarding the schools being open on Monday, March 5, advanced by the Bismarck Public School system senior administration, which appeared earlier on their website.

Like many others in our bound-to-be snowbound community, I had expected a common sense school closing announcement or perhaps a delayed opening until it became clear the weather forecast of the past several days had been in error.

As we all know now, it didn’t happen. And why not? The crowd knew ... students knew, parents knew, teachers knew, bus drivers knew, other area schools knew, a host of professional forecasters knew. All of the afore-mentioned are a crowd. The wisdom of the crowd knew, but did not prevail over ... over what? Years of experience? Clairvoyance? Hope? A lack of planned snow days?

Whatever it was, what is needed now is an apology to all those put at risk and inconvenienced by decision to have school on this day and, perhaps, a note in the operations manual to look and listen to the wisdom of the crowd when it speaks.

 Bob Wood, Bismarck