Once again, President Donald Trump is testing America’s sense of morality and decency.

He hasn’t created any positive people-helping legislation and his national Gallup job approval poll fluctuates daily at an approval rate in the mid-30s.

Trump has terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA provides two-year work permits for 800,000 immigrants known as “Dreamers”; it has been a wonderful success. They were children brought into America illegally, by their parents, when they were at the average age of 6.5 years. To apply for DACA, they were required to have enrolled in high school, have a diploma or equivalent or be an honorably discharged military veteran.

Today, 97 percent of them are either in school (72 percent are currently in college) or working at good jobs. They provide 700,000 jobs and the conservative CATO Institute said deporting DACA recipients will cost over the next 10 years $60 billion in lost taxable revenue. Eighty percent of Dreamers have driver’s licenses; about half are organ donors. Many Dreamers serve in our armed forces. Two-thirds of Americans support DACA and that is an example of the decency of Americans. Yet, Trump wants the Dreamers deported from the only home they have ever known.

Leading Republicans, including Sens. Orrin Hatch and Jeff Flake, asked the president not to kill DACA. Hatch said Congress must provide “a workable, permanent solution for individuals who entered the country unlawfully, as children through no fault of their own and who have built their lives here.”

The really serious question is will our terribly dysfunctional and politically divided Republican Washington congressional delegation be able to do it?

I give our shameless, Republican divider-in-chief, a grade of “F minus” for being a president who treats people like they don’t exist.

Larry Larsen, Mandan