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“Gaming the system.” That’s how Rep. Kevin Cramer described people with pre-existing conditions like cancer, diabetes and asthma.

Cramer voted nearly 60 times to repeal health care reforms and to rip coverage away from North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions, while also reinstating lifetime limits on health coverage.

His vote went toward a repeal of the ACA without any plan to replace it — which would have skyrocketed premiums and left thousands of North Dakota residents without health insurance.

Cramer’s unsavory approach to health care isn’t about doing what’s best for North Dakota and for us who call it home. It was about partisan politics. So it’s no surprise that Cramer’s partner in health care crimes — Mike Pence — came to North Dakota to raise funds for Cramer as a reward for rubber-stamping this reckless health care agenda.

We all know health care reform isn’t perfect and needs to be fixed — but we don't believe in going back to the days when a child born with a birth defect reaches their lifetime limit on health coverage by age 3. North Dakotans know that’s wrong, and Cramer and Vice President Pence should know it, too.

It’s a shame Cramer and Pence are so caught up in partisan politics they can’t see how harmful these policies would be.

Stacey Wright, Fargo