There is no mistake how we got into this North Korean situation. After seven years of total inaction on North Korea and Iran the Obama administration gave Iran, North Korea's No. 1 nuclear technology partner, billions of dollars in cash as part of a hostage release and "nuke deal" — two planeloads full of money.

The Iranians have had thousands of scientists in North Korea for the last several years trading missile and nuclear technology. It is clear that North Korea now has very dangerous capability, and we will see very soon that Iran will have the missile technology that they so desperately desire to rule the Middle East and Israel. Additionally, the missile technology upon which the North Koreans have built their current capability was initially obtained from Russia, which continues to support the North Koreans and Iran.

Barack Obama is on record multiple times as saying that Russia was a "1980s threat".... sorry, you fool, they are now and have been right along a real threat to our way of life. What Obama and John Kerry did was sell out the western world to Islam and the North Koreans. Obama should be charged with treason. Millions of people will die as this dual menace executes their evil on the world and you can thank Obama.

Roger "Rod" Krein, Bismarck