I have to admit that the tires under my chassis have a lot of miles on them. There have been many events during my lifetime that have resulted in much chaos in America: McCarthyism; Korean War; Cold War; Cuban Missile Crisis; several assassinations; civil rights movement; Vietnam conflict; AIM; Watergate; 9/11.

But, in my opinion, nothing in my past has caused as much tension in America as have the events of the past nine months. These events are causing the cracking of American democracy. They are putting Americans down rather than lifting them up. Divisions are occurring between: religions (Christian versus non-Christian); races (white versus non-white); ethnic groups (non-Hispanic versus Hispanic); economic groups (tax cuts for the richer versus tax increases for the poorer); sexual orientation (straight versus non-straight); exclusiveness versus inclusiveness; holiday greetings (“Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays.”)

Further, I have never seen more flippant usage of so many “dark” or socially disruptive terms and phrases: deconstruction of democracy; chaos; hate; “blood and soil”; white nationalism; white supremacy; mainstream Christians; evangelical Christians; religious liberty; white evangelicals; World War III; spewing verbiage that Christianity is under attack in America.

Many of these phrases and terms involve the term “Christian.” Based upon my Christian upbringing and continued studies during adulthood, I believe I have a pretty good understanding of how Jesus wants me to live realizing that I have fallen short many times.

According to the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump, who ran a campaign of division, misogyny, adultery, hate, bigotry, racism and lying. How could so many Christians support someone like Trump? More importantly, how could so many Christians support someone so completely opposite from Christ — and not see any problem in doing so?

Henry Lebak, Bismarck