"It is not going to go away after spring comes. We will have to have a plan, a facility, funding mechanism and someone to operate it."

— Mayor Mike Seminary, on the need for a men’s homeless shelter in Bismarck-Mandan.

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"When you don't own the mineral rights or the surface rights, you can't say no. The best you can do is have conversations with people and try to limit the intrusiveness of what they're doing to the area."

 Jay Clemens, who owns land in the Badlands and works with oil companies in an effort to reduce their footprint.

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"This may be the most important thing I do as lieutenant governor. May they go in peace and not leave anything behind."

 Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford, pardoning two Thanksgiving turkeys.

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"I can tell you without a doubt that we do have an opioid problem."

 Dr. Elizabeth Faust, senior medical director of behavioral health at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

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"The (Department of Health) has thoughtfully crafted these rules to ensure patient safety, product safety and public safety. The department is committed to a transparent process, and we welcome the public's input on the proposed rules."

 Mylynn Tufte, a state health officer, on rules governing the state's voter-approved medical marijuana program submitted to the state Legislative Council.

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"We don't know what this new (state) assessment is, but we do know what the ACT is. It worked for our schools and our community."

 Ben Johnson, Bismarck Public Schools secondary assistant superintendent. Twelve high school districts in North Dakota plan to take the ACT at the high school level in lieu of state assessments.

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"Fortuna ranked up pretty close to the top of my duty assignments. That was one of my better ones just because I liked my job and I liked the people I worked with and I got along real well with the local community."

 Retired Tech. Sgt. Don Erstad, saying the now closed Fortuna Air Force Station was a good assignment.

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"I've long said I want to work with Republicans and Democrats on a tax reform bill that achieves real, lasting relief for the middle income Americans who need it the most. But, so far, partisan politics have won out."

 Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., discussing the tax bill in Congress.

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"I always say we started with a big prayer and a small loan. We didn't have any cash down, didn't have any cash flow, but our loan officer always said we had character."

 Tom Campbell, on how he and his brothers started a potato farm operation. Campbell’s now seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

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"It encompasses not only the rodeo, and our history with the rodeo, but our history with the west and the wild west. And still continued ranching. It's all a big part of our history here."

 Deputy Chief Lori Flaten, of the Mandan Police Department, on the two new patches for officers’ uniforms.