The girlfriend of a white supremacist living in Underwood is going to court for a third restraining order after two earlier ones were thrown out, this time to prevent a woman from coming near her residence, place of employment and the Underwood school.

Deborah Henderson wants Lisa Auck to stay away from the school, even though Auck works there as a pre-school aide. She claims Auck has said slanderous things about her and gives her daughter nasty looks at school.

Henderson is the girlfriend of Kynan Dutton, a member of the former American Nazi Party and former housemate of white supremacist Craig Cobb. She will be in court Tuesday in Washburn.

A judge will decide whether to make the restraining order permanent or toss it.

The temporary order was signed Friday. Henderson tried to get restraining orders against two other people while living in Leith and neither was upheld.

Henderson, 33, and Dutton had moved to Leith to live with Cobb, who was planning to take over Leith’s government with the help of other white supremacists.

Cobb and Dutton were arrested for terrorizing residents while on an armed patrol of Leith. Henderson moved to Underwood while the two men were in jail and works as a cashier in Washburn.

Dutton joined her after being released on a plea deal. They planned to buy a small house in town with help from a white supremacist from Florida, who posted a call for cash to raise money to establish what supremacists call “Pioneer Little Europes,” or all-white enclaves.

The house in Underwood is owned by Auck’s mother. Lisa Auck and her husband, Jamie Auck, have been outspoken to the Tribune about not wanting their community known for supremacist activities.

Jamie Auck posted a call on a social media site asking for people who know his wife as a longtime supporter of small children in school, town parks, ice rink and swimming pool to help pack the courtroom Tuesday. The hearing is at 2:30 p.m. at the courthouse in Washburn.

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