White supremacist disrupts Leith council meeting

2013-10-19T14:02:00Z White supremacist disrupts Leith council meetingBy LAUREN DONOVAN | Bismarck Tribune Bismarck Tribune

A white supremacist who moved to the tiny Grant County town of Leith two weeks ago was forcibly removed from a city council meeting after law enforcement officers were called in to help control the situation.

Kynan Dutton, 29, came into the Leith city hall on Friday night, when officials were holding the first reading on a new ordinance that will place a moratorium on any new building or trailers until the community can add zoning and building codes. The moratorium was approved later in the meeting.

Dutton and his wife, Deborah Dutton, and their five children moved from Oregon to Leith on Oct. 5, saying they were the first white supremacist settlers in a plan to take over the community and the town’s government.

They are living in the house owned by Craig Cobb, a hate crimes fugitive from Canada and neo-Nazi, who started buying up property in Leith more than a year ago. Nazi flags are flying in front of the house, which has no water or sewer, and the Duttons told the Tribune earlier they’re using space heaters to stay warm.

City councilman Lee Cook said Dutton was confrontational, profane and was making racist comments to people at the Friday night meeting.

“I’ve never heard insults so profane, especially with kids present. It was way off the scope,” Cook said. He said people who brought children to the meeting to observe the council removed them to a house across the street.

Cook said Sheriff Steve Bay returned to the council room and informed council members he had taken Dutton back to Cobb’s house across the street. Cobb himself was apparently out of town.

Bay said Dutton “was pretty drunk” at the time and was taken to the residence, where his wife said she would be OK and where the children were all asleep.

After the ruckus, the council approved the moratorium on new buildings, which Mayor Ryan Schock said is a reaction to the white supremacist movement. He said if people are moving into town, the council wants some organization and basic sanitation codes in place first.

Cook said Saturday morning that Deborah Dutton and three children had left Cobb’s house and townspeople provided gas money and contacts for a safe shelter.

Bay said law enforcement officials were continuing to investigate the situation and said he would meet with the Grant County state’s attorney about possible charges.

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