Severely cold temperatures have contributed to oil-related spills in western North Dakota, including a weekend spill at a saltwater disposal well in Dunn County, according to the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division on Tuesday.

Hanna SWD LLC reported that about 29,400 gallons of saltwater and 1,050 gallons of oil spilled when a line froze at a disposal well about 13 miles north of Killdeer, the agency said. The contamination was contained within the dikes of the facility.

A majority of the spill has been recovered. Gravel that was soaked with brine and oil will be removed and hauled to a disposal site, according to a spill report.

The incident was caused by a frozen line that connects the truck to a tank at the site, said Alison Ritter, spokeswoman for the Oil and Gas Division. A state inspector will visit the location to monitor additional clean-up. 

The agency received other reports of smaller spills also caused by cold temperatures, Ritter said.

“It’s kind of expected with cold weather like we had over the weekend,” she said. “Things just don’t work well when it’s that cold.”

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