PEKIN (AP) - Former missile launch sites in northeastern North Dakota are up for sale. Dave Morken is marketing the old India-Zero site as a possible hunting camp or bed-and-breakfast.

India-Zero was one of 15 missile launch control facilities in northeastern North Dakota that were part of the 321st Missile Wing at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Each facility controlled 10 Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at the Soviet Union.

The end of the Cold War meant the deactivation missile wind and the removal of the 150 Minuteman III missiles in northeastern North Dakota.

After the Air Force removed missiles in northeastern North Dakota, it began dismantling the launch control facilities and missile silos, which have been vacant for about a decade. Tons of metal and cable have been salvaged. Underground facilities have been filled with sand and concrete.

The federal government has been selling the properties over the past couple of years. The properties were first offered to adjacent landowners. Those that weren't sold that way have been put up for auction.

Morken and Rod Meyer, a real estate agent, are marketing India-Zero, which is in the heart of North Dakota's prairie pothole region and less than five miles from Pekin and Stump Lake, a year-round fishing destination that is connected to Devils Lake.

"It was real reasonable, dirt cheap," Morken said, declining to disclose the purchase price. He said one reason to buy was to have some control over the property, and who takes it over.

Morken will farm the 10 acres outside the chain-link fence.

Meyer has listed Morken's property for $40,000. It includes a one-story, 7,000-square-foot building with seven bedrooms and three baths.

It also includes a detached garage that can accommodate vehicles up to 12 feet high.

The highest price the government has received at auction for a similar launch control facility was $17,800.