Amtrak train

MINOT -- A westbound Amtrak train and a semi with a trailer carrying water collided on the tracks about 20 miles east of Minot early Thursday morning.

Passengers were stuck on the tracks for about 2.5 hours waiting for minor repairs to the train and for a safety inspection of the train.

No one was injured.

The semi carrying water to a nearby job site and driven by Joshua Guse, 24, of Rugby, was traveling west and parallel to the tracks about 7:40 a.m. when Guse slowed, turned north and tried to cross the tracks, state Highway Patrol Sgt. Dave Kolness said.

The crossing didn’t have lights or a crossbar.

As he tried to stop, Guse’s 2004 Mack truck missed the first engine, but hit the second engine, Kolness said. Eleven Amtrak cars behind the engine were scraped by the front of Guse’s semi, Kolness said. The train didn’t derail.

Damage was mostly cosmetic to the westbound train, with some minor mechanical problems, Kolness said.

“I still wouldn’t have wanted to be on that train,” said the patrol sergeant.

Crews were called in to check over the train, make minor repairs, and it was able to make it to Minot.

The accident happened about 2 miles west of the small town of Granville.

Damage to the truck was “disabling and heavy,” Kolness said.

Guse was cited for failure to yield.