Landifll protest

Residents of McKenzie County attended a county commission meeting in April 2016 to oppose the disposal of radioactive oilfield waste.


A company that proposed an oilfield waste facility in McKenzie County has withdrawn its application after members of the public raised concerns about the location.

Waste Management of North Dakota, which sought a radioactive materials handling license for the proposed Tobacco Garden Processing Facility, withdrew its application to the North Dakota Department of Health.

“They said they were going to look at alternatives,” said Dale Patrick, a manager with the health department’s radiation control program.

Jim Talbert, McKenzie County planning and zoning director, was among local officials to raise concerns about the proximity of the site to the Tobacco Garden aquifer. The health department held a public hearing on the permit application in November.

“We’re not against the idea, it was that exact location that caused problems,” Talbert said.

The company proposed to dispose of waste by injecting a mixture of solid and liquid waste about a mile underground.

Waste Management applied to the Oil and Gas Division for permits for two injection wells, but the agency received a notice to dismiss those cases on Jan. 22, said spokeswoman Alison Ritter.

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