In support of Cynthia Feland for judge

2010-05-27T02:15:00Z In support of Cynthia Feland for judgeBy JERRY WOODCOX Bismarck Bismarck Tribune
May 27, 2010 2:15 am  • 

One of the most rewarding aspects of serving as a Burleigh County commissioner is working with our excellent team of county employees. They are the most dedicated and professional team you will find. So trust me when I tell you that Burleigh County Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Cynthia Feland is as good as they get.

Feland has provided sound legal advice to the commission and has been diligent in handling cases on behalf of the county.

I recall one particular instance when she represented Burleigh County during a bankruptcy case and worked tirelessly to obtain a full recovery of what the county’s taxpayers were owed.

 Feland is always the most prepared lawyer in the room, always calm and cool under pressure, fast on her feet, and most knowledgeable about the law. These are the qualities we want in a prosecutor and the qualities we should always demand in a judge.

The residents of the South Central Judicial District are lucky to have a district judge candidate who has exactly what it takes to be an outstanding judge.

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  1. swiper
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    swiper - May 28, 2010 11:24 am
    Thanks for taking a stand Mr. Woodcox. And for your public service. It is appreciated.

    I agree with your assessment. Ms. Feland will be a great judge.
  2. Justice for All
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    Justice for All - May 28, 2010 7:35 am
    Mr Saunders I knew I seen your comments before, always well said. Feland like Mike Nifong (Duke rape Case) has gone too far when she used her position and power to persectuted Sandy Blunt. Does anyone know where the investigation into the Blunt mess is at. I would hope the truth comes out and Feland has to answer some questions publicly before the vote. Any debated upcoming? Jerry you are way off base.
  3. Richard Saunders
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    Richard Saunders - May 27, 2010 5:17 pm
    I second the motion Nickel.

    As to what Feland’s peers think of her, they have spoken in a new article just posted on the Tribune’s website. Feland receives what would be D’s and F’s if they were grades. This should speak LOUDLY about her qualifications; or lack thereof.
  4. Nickel Trophy
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    Nickel Trophy - May 27, 2010 4:44 pm
    I nominate Other Side of the Coin for "Troll of the Year!!!"

    Any seconds???

  5. Libertarian
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    Libertarian - May 27, 2010 4:33 pm
    The Other Side of the Coin: Next time you comment why don't you talk about something that is relevant to the topic at hand? Also, why don't you bring some facts instead of rhetoric. The Dem Party hasn't been to hot with the record spending and deficits either. But this has nothing to do with Feland.
  6. Richard Saunders
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    Richard Saunders - May 27, 2010 4:30 pm
    You appear to be nothing more than a partisan hack “The other side of the coin.” And how do you know our political positions here? You are wrong about mine for sure. And since when did our first amendment rights and fact-based discussion against Feland suddenly turn into a hate-filled diatribe against Republicans? Further, since Feland is supposedly one of the big right-wingers I would think you would hate her too. Stay to the topic at hand and keep your juvenile GOP hating to another site.
  7. The other side of the coin
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    The other side of the coin - May 27, 2010 2:46 pm
    I just wonder if the Grand Old Party has taken a step back recently and gotten a good look at just how tarnished and dull they have become?

    You’ve got one former Governor shooting wolves out of helicopters and another using laser guided bullets to take out coyotes during his morning jog.

    You’ve got the Tea Party rooting for insurance companies instead of kids and the Right-To-Lifers shooting doctors at church.

    The GOP even has homophobes practicing homosexuality.

    “Drill, baby, drill” isn’t sounding too great for a battle cry these days, but by God they’re sticking to it even as the Gulf of Mexico turns into another, less salty, Dead Sea and to hell with all the little folk who try to make a living from the Gulf of Mexico.

    From where I sit, the entire Republican Party, which appears to be well represented within this comment section, should head to OZ and start looking for a brain, a heart and a lot of courage.
  8. Nickel Trophy
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    Nickel Trophy - May 27, 2010 1:49 pm
    Not voting for Feland.

    I like Jerry Woodcox, but he's wrong on this one. Besides, I'm not too keen on a sitting county commissioner writing letters to the editor in support of ANY local candidates.
  9. Report Abuse
    - May 27, 2010 1:05 pm
    Anybody but Feland---well almost anybody. Overzealous? an undestatement.

    Burleigh County has a recent history(20 yrs. + ) of prosecutors bent on conviction. It is a national trend. Perhaps my views are out of step but I feel strongly that prosecutors are obligated to seek justice---defense attorneys are not.

    It is beyond comprehension that anyone would suggest that she should serve on the bench.
  10. jitter
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    jitter - May 27, 2010 1:03 pm
    I don't know so much about professional reputation, i guess you got to ask lawyers that, but as far as more trials goes that is not just Burleigh County where Feland works but the whole multi-county South Central Judicial district, which i understand means different state's attorneys and more of them than where Cass County, so it doesn't seem you can just jump to the conclusion that Burleigh County is responsible for them. Even if there were more, that doesn't mean that it's the "fault" of the prosecutors it could just as well be the judges or the defense attorneys who contribute to those numbers, if not the sheer number of crimes committed itself. It needs to be examined more. Plus is having more jury trials even a bad thing?! The article cited doesn't really make it seem like they are. As far as Feland getting the big cases, I suppose that's because she's got experience. I live in Burleigh County and am glad I don't have some novice prosecutor seeking justice in murder and rape cases.
  11. nowornever
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    nowornever - May 27, 2010 12:24 pm
    Richard is right ask a round. Wow there is a million vote for Feland signs out there, she must be shelling out alot of money for this judgeship. From what I hear she is power hungry and God help you if you are a Man in her court room. It seems like she like s attention and always wants to take the big cases, wonder why?
  12. Richard Saunders
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    Richard Saunders - May 27, 2010 11:49 am
    Citizen has hit the nail on the head. "Judges in Bismarck-Mandan consistently handle more jury trials than judges anywhere else in the state, almost double the number of the second busiest court district at Fargo. In the last six years there have been 2,083 jury trials in the seven districts that make up North Dakota. About 35 percent or 725 of them were in the South Central Judicial District ..."


    How can ONE district have twice the rate of a more highly-populated area and take up OVER one-third of the total trial rate in the WHOLE state without some hanky-panky? It can't. Our rate is due to overzealous and inappropriate prosecution all in the name of name-recognition. And this rate continues to this day.

    While the article can point to the "defense" attorneys it is important to note these attorneys "defend" their clients in cases "that have been brought against their clients." These defense attorneys are not demanding the Feland and company bring charges against their clients "or else" so they can defend them. No, they are kept busy by the prosecution machine headed by Feland and Riha. Feland and Riha have no common sense or understanding of what their jobs really are about. Does the name NIFONG come to mind here?

    Citizen is correct; the rate of prosecution in this area is absurd and heavy-handed compared to the state in general and Feland should NOT be rewarded for her role in this charade.
  13. Jaycee
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    Jaycee - May 27, 2010 10:46 am
    Please take Richard's advice and ask people in the legal community that have actually worked with her and know what she is like if they think she will make a good judge. The reaction you get might surprise you. Feland will not get my vote.
  14. citizen
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    citizen - May 27, 2010 10:33 am
    Well put Richard. Let's not forget the Tribune article several years ago regarding trumped up charges by Feland and her office resulting in the most cases ever going to trial in Burleigh Co. as well as the state of ND. This is very costly to the taxpayers as well as unfair to those charged. Charge them appropriately and save the taxpayers their time and money. Feland is out to serve herself not the justice system.
  15. Richard Saunders
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    Richard Saunders - May 27, 2010 9:48 am
    While Woodcox may be respected, Feland is not. So let’s not take Jerry’s good name and reputation and blanket it over Feland.

    Feland is not calm, cool, and collected and she is NOT respected in the legal community. While it appears she knows how to kiss up the chain, she also certainly knows how to spit down it. Feland is a loose cannon and would be a pure horror on the bench. Just look at some of her brilliant choices of prosecution. And go ask her peers in the legal community if they respect her and her behavior, the answer you will get is a resounding NO. Let’s also remember that Feland and her cohorts are currently under extensive criminal and ethical investigations. Do this sound like someone who is “as good as it gets?” No, not to me and not to a lot of other local citizens. VOTE ANYONE BUT FELAND ON JUNE 8!!!
  16. The other side of the coin
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    The other side of the coin - May 27, 2010 8:35 am
    Geoff, you are absolutely correct.

    Jerry Woodcox is a great asset within Bismarck and Burleigh County.

    He is a decent, hard working, reputable, positive, well- thought-off, well-established, friendly person who is a good friend to have.

    Cyntia Feland will be a great judge.
  17. Geoff
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    Geoff - May 27, 2010 8:00 am
    Many times one can evaluate candidates based on those who support them.
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