Global warming is not a hoax

2012-04-16T13:47:00Z 2012-04-19T16:08:48Z Global warming is not a hoaxBy JIM CHATTIN Devils Lake Bismarck Tribune
April 16, 2012 1:47 pm  • 

Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are getting warmer, yet there are many who firmly believe global warming is a hoax.

Other than climatologists doing various measurements over decades — which are bogus, according to the naysayers — what else might indicate this trend?


-- Both the U.S. and Canada are developing technologies to better track increased shipping traffic in the Arctic.

-- Shell Oil is exploring for oil and natural gas in the Beaufort Sea, just north of Alaska, and Exxon Mobile has just signed a deal with the Russians to do the same thing in their Arctic waters.

-- In 2009, because “evidence indicates that the Earth’s climate is changing, and the most rapid changes are occurring in the Arctic,” the U.S. Navy created Task Force Climate Change to help naval leaders deal with the significant climatic changes in the Arctic.

-- The Pacific island nation of Kiribati is negotiating to buy land on the island of Fiji so it will have some place to move its 113,000 people before the Pacific Ocean inundates the entire nation (the first of thousands of islands so threatened).

-- Some of these island countries are exploring ways through the international courts to penalize the big CO2 polluting countries for their egregious disregard of the global warming phenomena and their consequent liability for the oceanic threat to these island nations.

These and other indicators point to the fact that Arctic ice is melting and sea levels are rising.

So, North Dakota, I’m sure many will continue to blithely believe global warming is a hoax, and most of us will remain comfortable and guilt-free in burning more “clean” coal, more crude and more natural gas so that we — far removed from any coastline or harbor — can continue to enjoy cheap and plentiful energy.

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