We need to respond to the letter to the editor from S.P Woodke, Bismarck.

Why do Bismarck residents think that they need to tell Mandan whom to vote for in the primary election?

The campaign against Rep. RaeAnn Kelsch, including the non-endorsed primary challenger from Mandan, has been run by outside special interests from Bismarck and Fargo. What do those people have in common with Mandan? Absolutely nothing.

Clearly, this individual does not know RaeAnn Kelsch. Woodke’s letter was factually inaccurate and blatantly false.

We have known RaeAnn for over 22 years. She is an extremely dedicated legislator who is committed to doing her best.

She listens to the concerns of her constituents and works very hard for her district. She is an energetic, positive, caring woman.

Rep. Kelsch has an enlightened sense of the legislative process and the vital role legislators hold in moving states forward.

Her expertise and knowledge of education policy and issues are irreplaceable. She sees the big picture and the know-how to make it a reality. That is why she gets the job done for Mandan and North Dakota.

The people of Mandan can be trusted to vote for the legislator they want to represent them at the Capitol without any outside influences.

That is why they have voted for and continued to elect Rep. Kelsch. She is a strong, articulate voice who will stand up for her constituents and for what she believes.

Kelsch’s experience and nationally recognized leadership have proven that she knows how to get results. Mandan cannot afford to lose her just because someone from Bismarck says to do so.

Please get out and show your support for RaeAnn Kelsch on Tuesday, June 12.

(This letter also was signed by Jeanne House, Mandan; Rick and Rosemary Jacobchick, Mandan and Gerald and Eleanor Knudson, Mandan)

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