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Son, Petrus and Aundrea Van Rooyen, 10:24 a.m., Oct. 4.

Daughter, Justin and Jenna Weigel, Kintyre, 10:18 a.m., Oct. 4.

Son, Sydney Stork and Cole Schaff, Bismarck, 2:30 p.m., Oct. 4.


If you are missing a pet or are interested in adopting a pet, go to: For more information, call 701-223-1212 or 701-222-6734.


For information about the locations of sex offenders in the community, visit The website contains databases of sex offenders and offenders against children, as well as an email notification system in which the public can be notified every time an offender in the area changes his or her information.


Call Bismarck Area Crime Stoppers at 701-224-TIPS (8477) to report information about any crime in Bismarck, Mandan, Burleigh County or Morton County. Information can be given anonymously and you may be eligible for cash rewards if the information leads to an arrest.


Nubs of the news information comes from district and municipal courts in Burleigh and Morton counties. In nubs of the news, the Tribune publishes all felony sentences; and misdemeanor sentences with fines of $500 or more and/or a jail term, including suspended sentences.


(Cases closed from May 16-May 31)


Judge William Severin

Criminal trespass: Ernest J. Grimm, 54, 614 W. Sweet Ave. Apt.6, five days. Miguel A. Guardado, 23, 305 N. 23rd St., two days.

Theft of property: Cory J. Hall, 23, no address listed, first count: 20 days, second count: 30 days, restitution. Courtney N. Hapip, 19, 806 S. 17th St., first count: three days, second count: 10 days, also false report to law enforcement officer: five days. Rani J. Howard, 38, 630 W. Arbor Ave. Apt. 32, first count: 10 days, second count: 15 days.  Joseph A. Johnson, 29, Fargo, three days. Cindi J. Leach, 34, 3011 Twin City Drive, Mandan, $300, three days suspended for 360 days.

Actual physical control: Ronald B. Hardy, 25, 313 W. Apollo, $1,500 and 30 days, 20 days suspended for 360 days, also driving under suspension: two counts of four days.

Accumulation of certain items prohibited: Jeffery R. Hart, 50, 5350 52nd Ave. S.E., $1,000.

Fleeing from officer on foot: Billy D. Hash, 38, 305 N. 23rd St., three days, also criminal trespass: three days, also theft of property: 30 days. Brendan P. Kapfer, 26, Department of Corrections, 10 days.

Driving under suspension: Georgia A. Heiser, 43, 2939 Ohio St. No.2, $250 and four days. Luke Hoogeboom, 55, 114 N. Third St. No. 26, 10 days. Benjamin Austin S. Lean, 20, 4111 Lockport St. Apt. 102, two counts of six days.

Driving under the influence: Kyle R. Howard, 29, 2515 N. Eighth St., first count: $500 and 10 days, second count: $1,500 and 20 days,. also driving under suspension: first count: four days, second count: six days.

Reckless driving: Catlyn M. Kirkaldie, 22, 294 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, $400, 10 days suspended for 360 days, restitution.

False report to law enforcement officer: Bruce J. Laverdure, 29, 1011 Portland Drive, three days.