Carson Wentz is preparing for his second season as starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz talked to reporters Wednesday about the newly crowned Miss America who graduated a year after him at Bismarck Century High School.

“That's pretty cool for Bismarck, for Century High School,” Wentz said when asked about his former schoolmate, Cara Mund. “My buddy was calling me the other night when she won and he was like ‘You’re old news now in Bismarck.’ So that’s pretty cool.”

John Clark CSN/NBC posted a soundbite to Twitter Wednesday that showed Wentz talking to reporters from a locker room about Mund, who was crowned Sunday night as Miss America.

Wentz graduated from Century High School in 2011 and Mund, the first North Dakotan to be crowned Miss America, graduated from the same high school in 2012.

After winning on Sunday night, Mund told reporters: “If Carson Wentz can do it, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund can become Miss America.”

Wentz said he’s glad that he could be an inspiration to Mund and hopes to inspire others.

“That’s the cool part of this game is showing it can be done no matter where you come from, whatever it is that you’re pursuing in life,” Wentz said.

Mund, who spoke to The Bismarck Tribune on Tuesday, said she thinks she had one or two classes with Wentz and she watched him play a few games for the North Dakota State University Bison.

During the Miss America competition, Mund said a lot of people talked to her about Wentz, including people who were yelling about Wentz as she went by during a parade.

“They were saying ‘Thank you North Dakota for giving us Carson Wentz,’” Mund said.

Wentz was voted most likely to play professional sports for his senior yearbook, and Mund was voted most likely to be Miss America.

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