Complaints were signed and arrest warrants issued Friday for three men in connection with a homicide in Mandan in October, where a man was beaten outside of a party. The man, Derek Oshkeshequoam, died later of his injuries.

Lt. Lori Flaten of the Mandan Police Department said Colten Towry, 23, of Bismarck has been charged with manslaughter, a Class B felony.

Flaten said Christopher Vernon, 34, of Mandan, and Joseph Houle, 28, of Mandan were charged with reckless endangerment, a Class C felony.

On Oct. 29, Mandan police began investigating a case where a beating happened two days earlier outside of a residence at 407 First St. NE in Mandan, Flaten said.

Oshkeshequoam, 30, of Bismarck was admitted to a Bismarck hospital in the early morning hours of Oct. 28 in a wheelchair. He had head injuries and was unable to speak.

At the time, police didn’t know who left Oshkeshequoam at the hospital.

Oshkeshequoam was kept on life support, Flaten said, until his organs could be harvested, and was pronounced dead Oct. 31.

A state medical examiner’s autopsy ruled the death as a homicide.

Flaten said Oshkeshequoam and another man at the party were going to fight outside of the residence and were being restrained by others.

She said, somehow, Towry was able to punch him once in head. Oshkeshequoam fell to the street and did not regain consciousness.

Flaten said after Oshkeshequoam was assaulted, he was taken back into the house for 22 hours before he was taken for medical attention.

Flaten said the reckless endangerment charges were filed against Vernon and Houle because they were the ones who took Oshkeshequoam into the house after the fight.

Flaten said Vernon was one of the men who dropped Oshkeshequoam off at the hospital.

Flaten said the charges and warrants were filed in South Central District Court Friday afternoon and the three had not been taken into custody as of late afternoon.

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