Voters in Mandaree will have a special election to elect their representative to the tribal council because one candidate is not a legal resident of Mandaree.

A Three Affiliated Tribes court found that Randy Phelan, a candidate in the September primary election, is not a bona fide resident of Mandaree and is not eligible to run.

Phelan had been the Mandaree tribal council representative until 2004, when he was defeated by Nathan Hale.

Hale died earlier this year and his position had been filled by his widow, Evelyn. She declined to run for a full four-year term.

Phelan put his name in along with six others from Mandaree on the primary ballot in September, but has since been disqualified.

Now that he's out of the running, voters will pick two of the remaining six during the general election Nov. 4 and those two fill face off in a special election Dec. 2 in Mandaree.

The remaining candidates are Lloyd Vigen, Arnold Strahs, Nathan Good Iron, Ted Lone Fight III, Lyle Gwin Sr. and Katherine Young Bear.