Mandan households with curbside trash collection will be required to use garbage totes beginning Jan. 1, when Armstrong Sanitation’s renewed contract with the city goes into effect.

A 96-gallon, two-wheeled trash tote will be delivered the week of Nov. 13 to every household that receives curbside garbage collection. The totes allow for the use of automated trucks.

Homeowners are expected to keep their totes in good condition and, if lost, there will be a replacement charge for a new one.

All materials to be disposed of must be bagged or bundled. Ashes must be placed in a separate box before placing in a tote, and paint cans must be dried out with lids removed.

The totes must be within 5 feet of the curb or alley the night prior to scheduled collection day and at least 5 feet away from recycling containers. Residents who place their garbage in the alley may continue to do so.

A 64-gallon tote is available upon request by calling Armstrong Sanitation at 701-663-8219. Residents may also request additional totes to be billed separately on an annual basis.

Armstrong Sanitation will not pick up trash from other containers, cans or bags after Jan. 1.