The North Dakota House rejected four of five different tax bills Tuesday, including one to eliminate the sales tax on clothing, and approved one that provides a tax exemption for church-related property.

The Senate sent a bill to increase hunting fees fees back to committee.

The House also had a lengthy debate over a proposed amendment to House Bill 1332, which would require photo identification to vote. The amendment was eventually passed and the bill was sent back to the House Appropriations Committee.

Highlights of Tuesday’s House floor session, in the order they were voted on:

-- House Bill 1396: Would have allowed for reassessments of properties that have been sold for less than their most recently assessed true and full value. HB1396 failed 84-5.

-- House Bill 1222: Would have eliminated the sales and use tax on clothing. It failed 63-25.

-- House Bill 1240: Would have provided a sales tax exemption for charitable nonprofit organizations. HB1240 failed by a 56-33 vote.

-- House Bill 1300: Provides a property tax exemption for church-owned property. HB1300 passed 83-6.

-- House Bill 1330: Would have allowed for residents to receive an income tax credit equal to up to 10 percent of their federal earned income credit. HB1330 failed 70-18.

-- House Bill 1328: Would have kept tuition at the state’s colleges and universities from rising beyond spring 2013 tuition rates until after June 30, 2015. Sponsoring HB1328 failed 60-29 .

In the Senate, some of the bills acted on were:

-- Senate Bill 2286: Would have provided an appropriation for the Department of Veterans Affairs for the services of an Indian veteran representative in the county with the most enrolled tribal members. SB2286 failed 28-18.

-- Senate Bill 2231: Sent back to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. It would increase hunting fees in the state.

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