A bill containing more than $350 million in individual and corporate income tax cuts passed the North Dakota House on Monday afternoon.

House Bill 1250 passed the chamber by a 75-15 vote. It now heads to the Senate for final passage.

Rep. Wesley Belter, R-Fargo, said HB1250 contains approximately $251 million in personal income tax cuts and slashes corporate income taxes by $101 million.

The House had originally passed a more than $500 million package in February. Since then the total tax cut had been whittled down to $125 million by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

“Our conference (committee) more or less split the difference,” Belter said.

Rep. Scot Kelsh, D-Fargo, said the $125 million figure, which had been in the governor’s executive budget, was more sustainable than $352 million. He said the state should meet infrastructure needs statewide before cutting income taxes to such a degree.

Belter disagreed.

“We have an obligation to meet the needs of the people,” Belter said. He said legislation passed during the session has done so and he believed the state should put more money back in the people’s pockets.

Rep. Corey Mock, D-Grand Forks, said a large portion of the corporate income taxes would go to out-of-state corporations. He urged House members to reject the report and send it back to conference committee for further work.

“Let’s get a product up there in a day or so that we’ll be proud of,” Mock said.

Rep. Craig Headland, R-Montpelier, gave one final plea to lawmakers in favor of HB1250 prior to the final vote on its passage.

“It’s fair, it’s affordable, it’s sustainable,” Headland said.

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