In two unrelated incidents Wednesday, Bismarck residents reported a switched beverage and unwanted renovations at their separate homes.

A 59-year-old woman told police she drank peppermint schnapps from what she thought was a bottle of water. She reportedly admitted to leaving her door open when she did laundry Tuesday.

It's unclear if she believes someone switched out the water in her fridge with schnapps or if she purchased it already containing the booze.

On Wednesday evening, a 49-year-old man reported a poly/resin fiber fill coat had been applied to a frame of the three-stall garage to his stucco home on North Valley Drive.

The apparently professional work was done without his permission, he told police. A neighbor reportedly saw a man in a white pickup who did the work.

The man estimated up to $2,000 in costs to match the unwanted resin coat.

Police have no suspects.

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