Nathan Siebrasse, 35, pleaded not guilty to a number of related charges for allegedly screaming and swinging a knife as he walked through downtown Mandan.

Siebrasse is charged with Class C felony terrorizing, Class C felony preventing arrest or discharge of other duties, Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct and Class B misdemeanor failure to halt.

According to a statement from the Mandan Police Department, officers were called to the 100 block of East Main Street just before 1 p.m. Feb. 9 for a report of a man brandishing a knife.

A witness said the man had been screaming, swinging a knife and striking vehicles and mailboxes as he walked westbound. The witness later told police Siebrasse was yelling and threatening a woman with the knife as he got out of the vehicle she was driving, Officer David Raugust said in court. The woman then drove away.

The witness said Siebrasse then moved aggressively toward him and another man with the knife as they stood outside The Silver Dollar Bar. Raugust indicated with his hands the knife was about a foot long.

Raugust said the witness told him he yelled at Siebrasse to put the knife away. Siebrasse put the knife back in its sheath and walked away. The witness saw him unsheath it again so he called 911.

Raugust said he found the man, identified as Siebrasse, on the 100 block of West Main Street. Siebrasse began walking toward the officer, with his knife sheathed, when the officer got out of a patrol vehicle. Raugust said he drew his gun when Siebrasse refused to stop. Siebrasse then turned and ran east.

Raugust said he chased after Siebrasse and he ran into a First National Pawn. Raugust said when he got inside the pawn shop he could tell people were “startled.” He asked about Siebrasse and they pointed to the tool section. He was holding a drill.

Raugust said he did not know if Siebrasse still had the knife and pulled out his Taser. He later found out Siebrasse had slammed the knife on the counter when he came in the store.

Raugust said he walked toward Siebrasse and told him to come out and show his hands. He said Siebrasse would not follow orders and was running and ducking between the aisles.

“I was not going to let him get close enough to assault me,” he said.

When there was one aisle between the two, Siebrasse tried to run south. Raugust said he “deployed” his Taser into Siebrasse’s back and told him to flip to his stomach. He put Siebrasse in handcuffs as backup arrived. As Siebrasse was lying on his stomach, Raugust said Siebrasse told him he had been trying to pawn the knife.

South Central District Judge Donald Jorgensen set Siebrasse’s dispositional conference for April 22.

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