Multiple McKenzie property owners have been charged for the refuse on their lots, including unauthorized sewer drainage, improperly permitted concrete and an abandoned boat and vehicles.

Criminal summonses went out Wednesday for the eight co-defendants who collectively own more than 26 lots in McKenzie. They each face a Class A misdemeanor count of maintaining a public nuisance.

The property owners include Philip Grotenhuis, 70; Patricia Houghton, 58; Dominick Johnson, 34; Hunter Johnson, 32; Allen Koth, 57; Lori Koth, 55; David Ternes, 69; and Dennis Ziggleman, 56.

Complaints say violations range from tall grass and overgrowths at Grotenhuis', Ziggleman's, Houghton's and Ternes' lots, to Dominick Johnson's improperly permitted concrete slab too close to the road, to a semi/box trailer in the Koths' lot, to old machinery, broken bicycles and garbage piles at Grotenhuis', among other items at the owners' lots.

Hunter Johnson is accused of violations including unauthorized sewer drainage into a public ditch, an abandoned boat propped up on old tires, as well as wood piles, old batteries, scrap metal, machinery, abandoned vehicles, toys and tires on his property.

Court documents say that McKenzie Township board member Jim Heisler sent letters to McKenzie residents earlier this year that they needed to clean up their lots or would be in violation of the township's zoning ordinance. He later reportedly met with a Burleigh County officer who subsequently visited the lots in McKenzie that hadn't cleaned after Heisler's notice.

McKenzie has about 50 residents and is 20 miles east of Bismarck.

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