A Burleigh-Morton County Detention Center inmate faces new charges after allegedly biting a detention officer.

Talyn Schroeder Odegaard, 22, of Elgin, has been in jail for two months pending $5,000 cash bond on criminal mischief and theft charges. Now he faces felony simple assault on a peace or correctional officer from the Sept. 7 incident.

Court documents say Odegaard had requested a new cell because he wasn't getting along with others and wanted to return to booking. Escorted by officers, he reportedly sat down at a table instead of the assigned cubicle for him, allegedly resisting officers who eventually handcuffed him after they went to the floor.

Before he was handcuffed and while on the floor, Odegaard allegedly bit the officer's right forearm, which court documents say caused the male officer to yell and feel pain.

Odegaard reportedly bit the officer because "he was on my head."

A criminal summons went out Wednesday for Odegaard, whose next court date is Wednesday.

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